About Technokas


Technokas is the specialist in high-tech greenhouse horticulture. Our approach is quite different to that of others in the field, and it’s all down to our company philosophy. Every greenhouse project is guided by some crucial components: the greenhouse itself, the heating/cooling and dehumidification systems (summarized: climate), and the surrounding site. In our philosophy, maximum synergy can be achieved if all of these components are treated as a whole using a project-based approach. This helps us to complete projects faster and more efficiently. To achieve this, we work closely with our sister company Bode Project- en Ingenieursbureau, who specialise in the start-to-finish design and project management of horticultural projects.

Our project-based approach involves fewer steps and keeps the project manager and other participants fully informed. We devise a complete schedule for the entire project: from preparation through to actual delivery and test phase. For us, building a greenhouse complex is like doing a huge, complicated jigsaw puzzle. First you identify all the components - the jigsaw pieces - and then you look at how each piece relates to the structure as a whole. Only then you can start to build - to put the puzzle together. For a project to run smoothly, you need to have the right jigsaw pieces to hand at the right time. This includes having the right person, for example a subcontractor, to fit each piece into the right place. Our strength lies in our ability to combine these. Technokas excels in both engineering (identifying the pieces) and project management (actually putting the puzzle together).