ID Kas® / Daylight Greenhouse

ID Kas®

The ID Kas® is the new innovative greenhouse concept for vegetable growers. This sustainable, energy-efficient greenhouse uses double panes of glass with an anti-reflective coating to generate energy savings of up to 60%. The greenhouse uses less water, employs low-grade heat and lets through much more light than conventional  greenhouses. The ID Kas® is fully integrated with innovative new techniques to guarantee optimum production. Duijvestijn Tomaten is the first company in the Netherlands that has chosen for the ID Kas.

The ID Kas® is developed by Technokas and Duijvestijn Tomaten together with BOAL systemen (aluminium roof and wall system) and Scheuten (double glass).

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Daylight Greenhouse

The Daylight Greenhouse is an entirely new type of greenhouse. An optimum greenhouse climate is guaranteed by maximum insulation and 100% diffuse light control. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are low, and cultivation results are dramatically improved. Ter Laak Orchids is the first company in the Netherlands that has chosen for the Daylight Greenhouse.

Sister company Bode Project- en Ingenieursbureau is the inventer of the Daylight Greenhouse together with Technokas.

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